The band was formed by Björn Stigsson, Håkan Andersson and Kjell Andersson in the early 80's. Their first record came out as an Maxi EP in 1982 with four songs and it was called "Stå och titta på" with all songs in Swedish. First Leviticus album and last with Swedish lyrics came out in 1983 and was called "Jag skall segra!".
   Then, in the year 1984 things started to happen. Leviticus made an English version of album "Jag skall segra!" and it was called "I shall conquer". Leviticus got a contract from U.S.A.. All albums from the band are now released world-wide.
  In 1985 Leviticus made a success with their album "The Strongest Power". "One of the best records that year" thought the metal magazine "Kerrang" and wrote lots of superlatives over the band. This was the worldwide-breakthrough for the band.
   In 1987 Leviticus made the album "Setting fire to the earth", which was also a best-seller around the world with lots of good reviews from different magazines. In this record Håkan Andersson left the band and Ez Gomer replaced Håkan in bass and Terry H. took care of the lead vocals.
   In 1989 Leviticus released the album "Knights of heaven". This album was produced and recorded in U.S.A. It also got very good reviews in many magazines around the world. The Swedish newspaper "Göteborgs-Posten" wrote that Leviticus took the top position in Swedish hardrock together with Europe. At this stage musicians changed a little bit again. Peo Pettersson replaced Terry H. in lead vocals and Niklas Franklin replaced Ez Gomer in the bass. The album was produced by the famous Elefante brothers, John & Dino (Petra).
   In 1993 Leviticus released their last album for now on, "The best of Leviticus". It's a collection with the best and the most known songs from the band.
   Leviticus have also released 4 singles:
Let me fight - Day by day. Maxi-single Talking Music - 1984. Flames of fire - Love is love. Maxi-single Solidrock U.S.A. -1987. Isn`t it love - Born again Royal Music - 1989.


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